Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio
Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio

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Kristen Dorich: May the Light Shine on Your Ways

Kristen Dorich is an artisan and the sole proprietor of The Shining Fairy Company. You can find the company on the web at Or by emailing Kristen at

Kristen started creating fairy gardens, abodes and jars when she found herself surrounded by piles of old barn wood and cases of mason-ball canning jars. That year and the following were full of changes: personal loss, retirement after 22 years of emergency nursing practice, being a military wife and trying to overcome the overwhelming challenges as a novice farmer. These challenges turned out to be blessings in disguise and part of “this little one’s life path.”

In the beginning, Kristen designed outdoor meditation “secret gardens” for friends, adding a wooden homemade fairy abode to some of the structures. Then she thought “Why not make the relaxation optics more portable?” The stacks of mason jars in her basement made the perfect medium to create a little space to house the fairy motif.

The jars are individually created and adorned with floral designs; no two are alike. Each jar has a fence, symbolic of “the choices” we have in life, and a timer light that’s symbolic of “May the Light Shine On your Way.” Whether you choose the indoor or outdoor adaptive solar lights, you can’t go wrong because “The Jar Picks the Person.” Kristen says it’s part of hearing your spirit speak to you. The dragonfly signature collection is a favorite because “Having Flown the Earth for 300 million years, Dragonflies SYMBOLIZE our Ability to OVERCOME times of Hardship. They can remind us to take time to reconnect with our inner Strength, Courage & Happiness.”

Dragonfly Plant stakes, Gnome Campfire, Fairy Gazing Balls, Connection journals, Bucket & 5 bags to-go fairy gardens are among the items included in the Dragonfly Collection.

All live fairy gardens designs are homesteaded in unique rehabbed containers. There’s sure to be something that makes your spirit smile. Always remember, look to the wayside. The fairy you may just be seeing is the reflection of yourself. Don’t go looking for a fairy in our creations, unless of course you’re looking in a mirror.

See you soon, spot #2, Shaker Woods 2018.

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Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio

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