Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio
Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio

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If you go out to the Woods this summer, you’re sure of a big surprise…Shaker Woods that is…. where Lori Cline will be surrounded with wooden bears and a variety of other uniquely designed, cut out, put together and painted collectibles made especially for the Shaker Woods Festival.

You may wonder why Lori features bears as a focal point in her Cabin Cellar Craft booth.

“The Cline family are hunters,” Lori says. “We live in a rural area where bears may choose to take up residence. Our two sons, Jesse and Nate, learned to hunt as early as the law allowed and in fact they have a hunting show on DirectTV called “Tree Stand Buddys Game On” that airs every week.”

She speaks with obvious pride of her sons’ accomplishments and her pleasure in having a craft that everyone in the family can enjoy.

“We were really happy when our daughter, Holly, and her family decided they wanted to live here on the farm, too. My husband, Doyle’s family has lived here for generations and I think my woodcraft has helped me fit in like a native.”

Twenty-nine years ago, she began to sell her woodwork through home parties. As well as things friends could buy and take with them, she took special orders for family and holiday occasions. She remembers a mother asking her to design and build a clothes rack for her son’s room to fit his interest as a weight lifter. She doesn’t know if the rack inspired him to pick up his clothes, but other mother’s ordered similar teen incentives.

“I liked the challenge of bringing the wood to life with my designs and for years my inventory was driven by what people suggested they’d like.”

After eighteen years on the home party circuit, Lori decided to sell exclusively through the many large craft festivals in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In addition to decorator woodcraft, Lori makes many useful items, some of them decorated with seasonal paintings. Her most popular household item is a rectangular box that she makes in many sizes.

“I’ll bring all sizes of boxes to Shaker Woods and some will have pumpkins or fall leaves painted on them,” the artist says. “My husband, Doyle, finds really unique wood branches that he adds for handles. You can use these boxes for all kinds of things, but I like them as plant holders. They can sit outside for years without losing their good looks.”

She applies five coats of finish over the design and insists on painting the backs and underside of everything so it can be viewed on all sides.

For the person who loves miniatures, Lori cuts out tiny standup figures people use for party favors or small special occasion mementos. The demand for nurse figures far outdistances requests for any other vocational figures. She prices these miniatures between $3 and $5. Larger items range in price up to $100 with many items in the $25 to $50 range.

Find Lori in booth 112 where she will demonstrate painting.

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Shaker Woods Shakerwoods Festival Columbiana, Ohio

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