Aaron Ragan


Aaron Ragan, Owner of www.Mountain-Artisans.com, is a second-generation wood crafter. He grew up helping his parents with craft shows, selling dough art plaques, quilt racks, wood shelves and tables. After a Master’s degree in business, he helped several manufacturing companies with their sales, customer service, and purchasing needs for part of his career. During this time, he couldn’t shake the entrepreneur spirit of crafts, and had a sideline business of selling rubber art stamps and helping his brothers sell their pottery.

Upon developing a niche in the craft show circuit with his new wood jewelry idea, it didn’t take long before craft shows became the full-time career. Learning the importance of personalizing items with Grandparent names and Kid’s names from his parent’s business, he incorporated this into the wood jewelry items. Pet name charms were soon to follow, becoming a big hit. “It’s so fun to watch people look through the pet names or Grandma names to see if we have it and we usually do, and if not, we can make it for them at the booth!”

In addition to Jewelry, Aaron has expanded his wood craft to include, customizable wood ornaments, wood picture frames, and light switch plates. He says, “There are so many ideas that can run through a crafter’s head, and the need to be creative and express myself through wood and meet many neat people along the way is a blessing.”

Be sure to visit booth 65 at Shaker Woods or add our products to your store’s offerings. Stop in the first hour of each day for a special discount!

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