Carla Megela


Carla Megela, founder of Shining Star Wreaths Co., is a loving single mother of 4 kids. She started her business 12 years ago out of her bedroom in a small apartment she rented at the time and hasn’t looked back since. Don’t let that fool you though; she’s been an artist and crafter for YEARS.

Carla started creating at a young age and comes from a crafty family. Carla’s mother was also an artist and inspired her as a child. For as long as she can remember, she’s been doing something artistic with her hands. Having four children, she created items for their school parties to take as gifts for the students and teachers, and even made door hangers for neighbors and relatives.

What started as just a hobby years prior to 2017—when making a wreath for a neighbor—turned into a full blown business when a product caught major attention on social media selling about 500 orders in just a few days. Even with no training, the support of her family kept her going and she powered through creating Shining Star Wreaths Co.

All Carla’s work is 100% handmade, hand stitched, hand sewn. She makes various products from over 15 different character wreaths (bunnies, Santas, penguins, snowmen, and more) and welcome dog door hangers with over 150 breeds that look just like your dog, to various fall, floral, and Christmas hanging door decor—all created solely from her own ideas.

Carla sells her work online, and at various craft and art shows throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. She can be found at and on various social media platforms. Follow her for updates and new items year round.

Carla can be found at booth 13.

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