The House of Pasta family is overjoyed to have the opportunity to be a new vendor at Shaker Woods Festival!  We feature 10 Gourmet Flavored Handmade long pastas (Kosher approved) using all natural ingredients including 100% GMO Free semolina flour, fresh whole eggs and the most robust herbs and spices; no preservatives or salt added.  We also employ olde time kneading and rolling methods to produce small batches of our linguini and fettuccini pasta products. Then, we dry our pasta slowly at low temperatures to retain its natural goodness and flavor and to maintain the same artisan quality and value as fresh pasta.  These simplistic and painstaking steps create an authentic homemade texture and discerning taste which cannot be duplicated by mass pasta producers. Our homemade easy-to-cook flavored pastas will be the spectacular highlight of your dinner table! 

We invite you to stop by our # 4 booth at this year’s Shaker Woods Festival and smell the pasta! Seriously, you’ve never smelled anything like it!

Dave and his wife, Sue live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and have previously owned a restaurant where this pasta was served.  Customer response was fantastic and we can mail order our pasta to almost anywhere in the United States of America, @ houseofpasta.net or you can contact us directly at golddustbbq@aol.com