Gretchen and Mike are excited to join the Shaker Woods Festival family of artisans! Gretchen has attended the festival for decades with family and friends. Over the years, she collected pieces from many artisans and one of her favorites was the Hypertufa gardens and houses.  She built a relationship with the prior crafters and several years ago learned of their plan to retire. Gretchen approached her husband about the idea of learning the trade. Mike, who has a creative streak and enjoys building things, shared her interest. They both thought this would be a fun adventure and together they began to learn the process. Mike and Gretchen work together on design; Mike cuts the structures, doors and windows; Gretchen is the painter and then they both work on finishing the pieces.

 crafts include gardens, houses, mushrooms and other decorative items. Some collectors enjoy the pieces in their outdoor garden and sitting areas, while others have their collection inside their homes. One customer shared a story that each year she and her daughter would refresh their outdoor garden and add fun new items. It’s one of her favorite memories!

Gretchen and Mike are located at booth 130.

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