M&J Crown LLC is a small, VERY family oriented concrete statuary business that not only puts pride, hard work and effort into their work, but also so much heart. 

Jackie and Mike Fercana met almost 5 years ago and fell completely in love with one another.   Mike had been working for a concrete statuary business in the Mahoning Valley when he met Jackie and she had been focused on being a mother and working as a makeup artist.   He was in major need of some help at the shop, so she left her job to support him and learn the artistic, but also dirty side of concrete. 

The two became a dream team working side by side, pouring concrete, finishing statues and making deliveries.   Jackie found love in painting statues and designing heartfelt benches.   Mike excelled in making new and exciting molds for the business and special custom work.

The two managed the business for almost 4 years together and had built amazing relationships with their customers on a daily basis.   Sadly, due to unfortunate and heartbreaking circumstances, they lost the place they had so much love for and had to start over.   It was a complete fresh start with new equipment, supplies, etc. and also finding a place to pour concrete.   

Although it scared them both, due to having 3 children at home to provide for, the two were and STILL have been determined to do what they love by providing concrete statues, memorial benches, and other decorative concrete items to the Mahoning Valley.   Even with their wedding coming up in just 3 months after losing their place of work, they managed to figure out a way to make it work and also get married in August 2022. 

The couple just recently have been blessed and found a new shop and suitable retail location in Boardman Ohio.   Jackie and Mike have never spent time away from each other and the love between them shows into their concrete work.   You can always find them together, working hard at their shop, loading and unloading their truck (with their children) at many events including flea markets and craft shows.   

This year M&J Crown LLC is incredibly excited to be spending their first wedding anniversary working side by side at the Shaker Woods Festival for their very first year.