Meet Kate Bell, the artist behind Brass Frog Studio, where traditional stained glass artistry meets a contemporary touch. Inspired by a cherished keepsake – a small brass frog from her late grandmother – Kate embarked on her stained glass journey two years ago after taking a class in 2022.

Driven by a self-taught spirit, Kate finds joy in the dance of light and color that stained glass offers. Each piece, meticulously crafted by hand, embodies a unique fusion of tradition and personal style. From vintage inspired patterns to enchanting, whimsical designs, Brass Frog Studio pieces promise to bring warmth and character to any space with their distinctive charm. 

What sets Kate apart is her dedication to creating works of art that resonate with each patron. Like a tailored suit, each creation is crafted with precision and care, awaiting its perfect match.

At Brass Frog Studio, all designs are hand-drawn and crafted by Kate in her home studio located in Smithville Ohio, ensuring that each piece embodies her passion and craftsmanship. As Kate says, “I hope my patrons enjoy their pieces as much as I enjoyed making them,” inviting you to experience the magic of stained glass artistry firsthand.


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