Our handcrafted Angels, now a source of joy, have their origins in the grief of unexpected loss. My Mother, sister and I opened SaigeJenTaylor, a home and garden store in 2005 in our hometown of Irwin, Pa. A year later, our beloved Mother passed away suddenly. Our future and direction was shaken to its core. Our Mother, Jan Patterson was the creative driver and encouraged my sister and I to use our talents within the store. Without her energy, excitement and creative vision, we struggled, but kept going.  Our Grandmother, Frances Phillians, who was known around the area for her quilting was there with us and supported us.

Tammy and I have maintained our store, which in addition to home and garden  merchandise, showcases many of our own creations. After our Mother passed, I found no joy in creating anything because I could not get Angels out of my thoughts: I kept imagining my Mother helping all the Angels in Heaven to decorate their wings. Several years ago and hundreds of unfinished Angels later, I finally came upon a design that was the creative expression that transformed feelings of grief into joy.

Angels with different personalities and designs began to emerge. We are constantly on the look out wherever we travel for repurposed wood and building materials.  I find inspiration in nature, buildings and connecting with people.  Each feather is hand cut and painted to be placed on her wings to give movement and three dimensional feeling when you see her. Taking the time to ensure the attention to detail brings me happiness. The Angels are all one of a kind and are not uniform. I want them to be like us, all just a little different but beautiful.

Tammy's unique talent is transforming the many of the Angels into true works of art.  She has created the most beautiful designs and often incorporates music sheets along with her painting. They are adorned with repurposed jewelry and are dainty and uplifting.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you at Shaker Woods in August.


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