Lisa Edwards


I was fortunate to have been born into an artistic family. Both my parents are artists and my grandmother was a master seamstress. My earliest memories are of my father suppling me with all the tools needed to express and shape my creativity into anything I could dream up. From the moment I could hold a crayon, he provided me with encouragement, knowledge but most importantly the confidence to be me.  Although most of my early years were spent mastering pencil and ink with an interest in architectural design, I wanted more color, more depth. So began my interest in mixed media and from there my art took on a life of its own developing into 3 dimensional designs.

My creative style is influenced by a variety of the cultures in which I grew up in and around being from the East Coast. I create with the same flare and intensity found within the colors, textures and patterns of the world. Having a diverse set of skills in paint, clay, wood, metal and fabric, enables me to create empowering and positive designs that you can feel.

Whether I am working to create wall art, sculpture, furniture or jewelry, all my designs are each unique and one of a kind. If I’m creating wall art, then it could be acrylic, watercolor, pencil, ink or all of the above plus any one of many other items such as fabric, paper, metal or clay.  When creating one of my original award winning Geodes, I use recycled wood that I myself have shaped, hand cut and sanded, I never use premanufactured forms or pre-paint my designs and you can find many natural agates and quartz crystals with in my hand crafted geodes. I’m honored to say that my geodes have fooled many of rock enthusiasts and Collectors. If I am creating a unique furniture piece then I have rescued and revived a once discarded family heirloom.  My jewelry is a mere extension of my art in a scale to be worn that also can include a variety of elements both natural, industrial and hand created by me.

I feel blessed every day that I get to do what I love.  I have worked extremely hard my entire life not to waste the talent that God has given me. With the support from my husband and son, I get to travel the country exhibiting in nearly 30 Art Sows annually. I have accumulated many awards and recognitions for my art over the years, including most recently as a Resin Artist, but none of them mean as much to me as the joy I see in some one’s eyes when they connect with a piece of my art. 

I am very honored to join the Shaker Wood’s family of artist and add Columbiana, Ohio to my list of shows where you can find all my one of a kind designs.

EdwardsEdwards  Edwards