Michelle A. Wagner


I love the smell and feel of moist, slightly moldy clay! There is something special about it. Knowing that I can play and create a “One of a Kind” piece of functional pottery using my hands and fingers from a ball of clay is magical.

My clay of choice is a white stoneware clay. I enjoy making “Fun and Functional” Pottery, whether it is using the potter’s wheel to throw mugs, bowls and vases or using the slab roller to make serving platters, plates and my whimsical birdfeeders/birdbaths.

All my pieces are fired twice in an electric kiln. The first is called a “Bisque” firing which gets the clay ready to be glazed. The second firing is called the “Glaze” firing.

For me, seeing people fall in love with my pottery is priceless.

My love for pottery began when I was very small, around the age of 8, back in the 1960s. BUT, the start of my pottery career began in 2000. I was fortunate to live in North Carolina at the time, the pottery capital of the United States.

I began by taking several courses from a local pottery studio with a Master Potter as my teacher.

My focus at the time was wheel throwing bowls, mugs, pitchers and such. From there, I progressed to hand-building using a slab roller and an extruder.

Through the years, and many trips to Seagrove, Ashville and Balsam, North Carolina, I became friends with several 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation potters. Through these friendships came many pointers, tips and tricks and most importantly, critiques of my work.

By late 2001, I was able to set up my own studio and gallery at our home in North Carolina. From there, I worked independently with my focus on practicing and learning new techniques, along with being able to create my own style of pottery.

We have since moved back to the Midwest (Northeast Ohio) to be closer to our family. My studio is once again up and running!

Please stop by and visit me in booth 76.

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