My name is Mike Paluh I was born and raised in Erie, PA. My love of nature and outdoors has led me to my home in the beautiful woods of Tionesta, PA. I started working with wood at a young age. I originally started out in carpentry and cabinetry while making furniture on the side while mastering my skills in wood work. In 1995 I opened my art gallery in Tionesta which led me into building a lot of my own wood products and unique wood items. In later years with the popularity of rustic furniture I decided to go into rustic log furniture building to supply my gallery. I like using the Colorado aspen logs with hickory and black walnut lumber, those two combinations of lumber really complement each other. Combining different woods allows me to highlight each one’s qualities such as when I do kitchen tables, coffee tables, end tables and tv stands. I also enjoy hand carving wildlife scenes out of plywood which I use for gun cabinet doors. Whether hiking through pristine wilderness or simply taking in the beauty of a sunset I find my inspiration through the embrace of nature. With the blessing of God, I wake up every morning eager to go to my woodshop to create a unique piece of furniture. I find joy in creating something useful and beautiful out of the gift god has given us through nature.

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