Paula Lang


At Sakima’s Ridge, hard work, and honest labor are the heart and soul of everything. Paula’s workshop, The Rustic Peacock, resides on this beautiful 30-acre homestead, near Minerva Ohio. Perfectly suited for farm life, Paula begins each day visiting and feeding the chickens horses and peacocks. In her free time, she shares her passion for homesteading thru YouTube (Sakima’s Ridge Homestead) teaching about beekeeping and various other aspects of modern country living.

Paula has found her perfect niche, giving vintage furniture a new life. For the last 14 years she has practiced and polished her craft selling and trading at a multitude of events and venues across the region.  Working with old preloved gems that time has worn or faded, she brings forth their inner beauty once again.  When you see her handcrafted pieces her love and honest touch shine thru making them truly unique. Her love of fall can be seen in a multitude of her seasonal wood crafts. The new life that she breathes into each handcrafted item makes them absolute treasures to behold.

Stop by her building and visit with her while you are here at the very least you may make a new friend.

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