Travis & Christina Hill


We are Travis and Christina Hill from Oklahoma that take a different approach to art and bring it to bath products and woodworking . Christina started creating bath products part time in 2016 while teaching full time and Travis was an airline mechanic full time. In 2019 Travis started picking up woodworking and from there we decided to pursue our artistic abilities and participate in juried art shows all around the U.S.

Each one of our products are one hundred percent handmade with fine detail that we put into them from our woodworking with the most unique pieces down to our bath products with high end fragrances that are good for the skin.

We are always looking to grow our ideas and try new things and take on new challenges. Not only have we traveled for shows from Arizona to here at The Shaker Woods Festival. We have expanded our online presence, you can find us on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Etsy where we can really make a customized experience for our customers. So please stop by and say hi or feel free to reach out on any of our online media!

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