The Trisha’s Elderberries story has been an evolution over the last 20 years, slowly sowing and watering the seeds into the experience you’ll have when you visit us at Shaker Woods Festival.

Frustrated by the modern day sick care system, I studied herbal remedies endlessly looking for the one to focus on that would help the most people with their most challenging health needs for generations to come. Along the way I studied various holistic health modalities learning everything I could about supporting the body.

In 2017, God blessed me with the opportunity to hang up my corporate heels after years of feeling unfulfilled and trapped knowing He designed me for more.

To serve.
To create.

To help people be the healthiest version of themselves with reliable wellness tools they can feel confident in, time and time again.

Trisha’s Elderberries is Ohio’s favorite upscale artisanal wellness company. We leverage the best of culinary and craft brewing principles melded with traditional herbalism practices. We root ourselves in peer-reviewed science for the most delicious experience and efficacious results. 

We’re education & experience-focused, immersed in holistic health and studying the versatility of the elderberry plant. We craft over 12 different products using the full spectrum of plant parts: elderberries, elderberry flowers, and elderberry leaves. Each has a very unique application with a myriad of botanical benefits.

When you visit our booth, you’ll walk away feeling empowered & energized. Each encounter is a mini-herbal 101 workshop with an in-depth Q&A session and opportunity to find the right tools for your wellness needs. 


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