Gardner: The Little Creamery That Could


We are a family of 14 siblings that over the past 4 decades have found our niche in producing specialty artisan cheese and sausage right here in the heart of America’s dairyland. For seven years in a row now, our creamery has been ranked #1 in the country for “Best-Tasting Cheese.” We take great pride in this as we are up against corporations with much bigger capital than our little creamery. We put our heart, soul, and reputation into the quality of our cheese and it shows. 

We strive to bring something to the table that folks have never seen before. We specialize in artisan cheese and aged cheddar flavors, the majority of which cannot be found anywhere except at our little creamery. 

We pride ourselves unique products, but we also believe that the future of our business depends on providing our customers with a great overall experience at our booth. We have a conversation with every person that walks up, and they walk away with an extremely unique product, a great sense of where it came from, and a clear direction on what to do with it.

Gardner's cheese products

Gardner's cheese products

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